Born of an unabashed obsession with the metal gods Judas Priest, Leather Rebels makes custom fit leather apparel to order. Stage wear, replica, or own design high quality pieces.

026531a18ababa62-682x1024  VH1 Rock Honors - Show richiefaulkertributejacket 

Whether its a ‘tribute’ piece you need, or a one-off design, the only thing missing is the mega-star price tag.

111 pic 11 Tipton G compare  111 pic 12 Tipton H compare Scott Travis waistcoat

Customised leather craft/stage wear for the Heavy Metal community. Displayed is some of ‘Gok Juans’ work. All hand crafted. If you like what you see, feel free to send him a design & some leathers and you too can have a unique garment for on stage or for a one-off look on a night out that will get you noticed. From small number stud additions to all over stud work, no undertaking is too big or small. Also share pics of your own custom jackets etc with people who appreciate the work and detail that goes into them.

leather trio Wilf cross jacket

See the Leather Workshop page for a deconstruction of how some of the first pieces were created.

Ian T-Shirt 2 Codpiece 2

Don’t forget to drop by the Guitar Lab to see some of ‘Gok Juans’ personal guitar projects.


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